Goals of the project

The aim of the project is to contribute to the evidence concerning the effectiveness of drug prevention programs in Europe.

Drug prevention is defined here as a complex intervention aimed either at curbing initiation of drug use or at delaying the transition from experimental to addicted behaviour of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other drugs.

In the first EU-Dap phase, effectiveness was measured by the ability of the program to reduce the prevalence of drug use. The EU-Dap Project Team  designed and evaluated the "Unplugged" curriculum  for youth between the ages of 12 and 14. The evaluation was carried out collecting information by way of a self-completed anonymous   questionnaire   administered before and several points after the students participation in the program. The countries involved in the first phase were Italy, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Germany.

Based on the short-term evaluation which concluded that the program is effective, phase II aims to spread the program and research methods in Europe. Poland and the Czech Republic joined the EU-Dap project in 2006. Activities planned for phase II include updating the Activities planned for phase II include updating the "Unplugged" curriculum based on teacher feedback, and developing a Guide to successful implementation of Comprehensive Social Influence (CSI) curricula in schools.                  

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