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22-24 October 2015,
European Society for Prevention Research 6th Conference. "Changing behaviour without talking: automatic processes and the regulation of behaviour".

A cluster randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of the "Unplugged" program in Nigeria: sample size and study design, Vigna-Taglianti F, Alesina M, Akanidomo I, Pwajok J, van der Kreeft P, Virk H.

Piloting a questionnaire on knowledge, attitudes and behaviours on tobacco, alcohol and drugs among Nigerian students: difficulties and first results, Alesina M, Vigna-Taglianti F, Akanidomo I, Pwajok J, van der Kreeft P, Cuomo GL, Virk H.

Evaluation of effectiveness of Unplugged in Slovenia, 2010-2011, Vigna-Taglianti F, Cuomo GL, Talic S, Košir M.

15-16 June 2015,
Final Workshop of the International Partnership Project.
Best Practices in smoking prevention among youths in Mediterranean Countries.

Implementing school prevention programs in Italy, Europe and worldwide: the experience of the Unplugged program, Federica Vigna-Taglianti

16-18 October 2014,
Palma de Mallorca,
European Society for Prevention Research 5th Conference.
"Is an ounce of prevention still worth a pound of cure? The economics and value of prevention?"

The dissemination of the Unplugged prevention program in Italy: evaluation and impact,Vigna-Taglianti FD, Vadrucci S, Salmaso S, Bobbio A, Randino S.

The influence of parents’ attitudes and behaviours on smoking habits among children,Vigna-Taglianti F, Mathis F, Bonino M, Vadrucci S.

13-15 November 2013

EU SPR - European Society for Prevention Research,
4th International Conference and Members’ Meeting Le Centquatre.


Factors mediating the effectiveness of a school-based intervention to prevent substance use in adolescence (Unplugged), Federica Vigna-Taglianti, Fabrizia Giannotta.

The influence of gender on moderating prevention outcomes, Federica Vigna-Taglianti.

Can school-based prevention programs reduce health inequalities? The example of Unplugged, from research to practice, Federica Vigna-Taglianti.

The theoretical model of the school-based prevention program Unplugged, Vadrucci, Vigna- Taglianti, Burkhart, Wiborg, van der Kreeft, Vassara, Scatigna, Melero, Faggiano, and the EU-Dap Study Group.

What can explain the differential effectiveness between two similar school-based universal programmes for prevention of substance use? The US-EU cross-country study, Elias Allara, Fabrizio Faggiano, Zili Sloboda, Romeo Brambilla, Peggy Stephens, C. Hendricks Brown, Ferdinand Keller, Katherine Masyn, Federica Vigna-Taglianti, Gregor Burkhart, Scott F. Grey.

29 August - 2 September 2012,
13th Biennal Conference of the European Association for Research on Adolescence.

The mediating factors of a school-based intervention to prevent substance use in adolescence, Giannotta F, Vigna-Taglianti F, Vadrucci S, Fabrizio Faggiano and the Eudap group.

29 May - 1 June 2012
Washington DC,
XX Congresso Annuale della Society for Prevention Research "Promoting Healthy Living through Prevention Science".

Theoretical model of the European CSI program Unplugged, Vadrucci S, Burkhart G, Wiborg G, Scatigna M, Vassara M, van der Kreeft P, Vigna-Taglianti F, and the Eudap Study Group.

20 November 2009
Ashford, Kent,

"EU-Dap/Unplugged: an effective school-based program for drug use prevention among adolescents".
International Conference "Wasted: Alcohol and Young people", "The Health and Europe Centre", Federica Vigna-Taglianti, OED Piemonte Turin, A.Avogadro University Novara

17 November 2009
The European Drug Addiction Prevention trial (EU-Dap2) final conference: “Substance use and universal prevention: from evidence to strategies”

Agenda and participation form



Preamble: programs have to be based on scientific theories


Preamble: many programs are not supported by scientific evidence and can cause unintended harm

- evidence of effectiveness of selected
     - school based programs
     - school policies
     - interventions at the level of populations


Preamble: strategies are required in order to disseminate effective interventions and to ensure quality of implementation

     - dissemination strategies, including strategic
     - quality assurance during dissemination

5 November 2009

"EU-Dap/Unplugged: an effective school-based program for drug use prevention among adolescents".
Conference for Drug Control "New trends in drug use: facts and solutions", Federica Vigna-Taglianti, OED Piemonte Turin, A.Avogadro University Novara

2-3 November 2009
Czech Republic

Primary Prevention of Risk Behaviour 2009 “Primary Prevention: Options and Paths Forward”
27-30 May 2009
Washington DC,
17° Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research.

Prevention of alcohol use among junior high-school students in Europe. Results from the EU-DAP trial, Caria MP, Faggiano F, Vigna-Taglianti F, Bellocco R, Galanti MR, for the EU-Dap Study Group.

Effects and mediators of effects of an European school-based program for drug use prevention: preliminary results from the EU-Dap cluster randomized trial, Vigna-Taglianti F, Galanti MR, Caria MP, Scatigna M, Pesce C, Faggiano F for the EU-Dap Study Group.

6-8 November 2008
16° EUPHA Conference "I-health: Health and Innovation in Europe".

Unplugged: an European school based programme effective in preventing tobacco, alcohol and drug use among adolescents, Vadrucci S, Vigna-Taglianti F, van der Kreeft P, Vassara M, Sanchez del Mazo S, Bohrn K, Siliquini R, Scatigna M, Melero JC, Florek E, Miovsky M, Galanti R, Faggiano F and the EU-Dap study group.

9-3 September 2008
IUHPE International Union for Health Promotion and Education Conference “New frontiers: future political, cultural and scientific challenges for Health Promotion”
29 May 2007
Washington, DC
SPR Society for Prevention Research, 15th Annual Meeting 

21-24 February 2007
Austin, Texas

Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
15 December 2006

Meeting on Life Skills Training
16-18 November 2006

14th EUPHA Conference "Politics, Policies and/or the Public's Health"
9-11 November 2006
Russian Federation
Final Conference of the Support Network for Parents and Professionals, Council of Europe, Pompidou Group
10-11 July 2006
Meeting of the "Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas", Università Mendelez Pelayo
12-15 July 2006

13th World Conference on Tobacco Or Health
20-22 March 2006
Zagreb, Croatia

5th meeting of the Pompidou Group Prevention Platform
6 April 2006
Workshop for the presentation of the results of EU-Dap study.

Workshop presentation
Participation request

15-17 December 2005
European Drug Addiction Prevention trial (EU-Dap) / Final Conference
Part II of the REITOX Academy on Drug Prevention
Effectiveness of school-based programmes for preventing substance abuse Evidences and Policies
Lisbon, 15-17 December 2005

Press release

The rational for interventions

Results of evaluations: EU-Dap project

Results of evaluations: Presentation of the effects on tobacco, alcohol and drug use of the most relevant European school-based intervention programs


Translation into policies

10 November 2005
School-based prevention for illicit drugs' use: a systematic review
October 2005
ICAA / 48th International Conference on Dependencies Science Politics and the Practitioners
Monitoring the adherence to drug preventive curricula in schools - Examples from the EU-DAP trial -  Abstract
Rosaria Galanti

Monitoring the adherence to drug preventive curricula in schools - Examples from the EU-DAP -  Slides
Rosaria Galanti

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